Four Tips for smart Slot play

While you now understand how a slot machine works, and how the percentages rarely work in your favour, there are some ways to approach slot machines that might make your experience more enjoyable … and profitable. Continue Reading »

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Modern Slot Machines

Even in Nevada, slot machines were merely a curiosity, with even the largest casino containing no more than a few hundred machines. They were there to entertain the browsers, while the serious gambling was conducted at the tables. Continue Reading »

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Poker – Seven Card stud

One of the most complicated, but rewarding, of all poker games is seven-card stud. The sheer number of pos ible hands and permutations of combinations of cards makes it difficult to figure all the angles. But, then again, that’s what makes it so interesting. Continue Reading »

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The real don’t of Craps

As you see, many of the best bets in the casino are found at the craps table. The pass and don’t-pass lines, come and don’t-come, some of the place bets and, most effectively, taking odds on the pass or don’t-pass bets, offer some of the smallest risks you’ll find at any casino game. Continue Reading »

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Craps – Free Odds part2

In America, if you win a $5 bet on the pass line, and you place a $5 free odds bet behind the line, you should get paid $7.50. But you won’t because the casino doesn’t want to deal in coins. To get the full advantage of your free odds on the five and nine, you’re going to have to add $1 to your free odds, to increase your free odds bet to $6. Online Bingo Continue Reading »

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Craps – Free Odds part1

In some casinos, you’ll see a “Big 6 and 8” at the corner of the table and a large area to make “field” bets. The “hardways” and “one-roll” bets virtually shout out to you with their dice diagrams. Forget all of them. They’re like adverts for bad bets, and the Casino Games would love you to make those bets on every roll. Continue Reading »

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Baccarat – D’Alembert system

An 18th-century French mathematician thought he had devised the perfect system. Jean Le Rond d’Alembert reasoned that when two events have an equal chance of happening – as with the two hands at baccarat in a casino – if one begins to happen more frequently than the other, the alternative event must eventually begin to occur more often in order to even up the odds, or achieve equilibrium. Nature always seeks equilibrium, d’Alembert believed. Continue Reading »

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Baccarat Basics

Baccarat in online casino is a game with only two bets, banker and player. The odds are very nearly 50-50 for each and, as in most casino games, the deciding factor is most often nothing more than pure luck. Continue Reading »

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Roulette System- The Third Column

The layout of the roulette table in a casino is somewhat curious. The scattering of the numbers across the table has tempted players who are constantly in search of winning systems. One anomaly on the table has generated many system sellers down through the years who believe there is a sucker born every minute. everest poker Continue Reading »

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The Systems Approach in Blackjack

Frankie plays blackjack in the casino almost every week. When he has a choice, he always sits at the last seat at the table, which is called third base. He doesn’t like to sit at the first seat – first base – and be the first to get the cards. titan poker Continue Reading »

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