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You can play online in the comfort, safety and security of your own home.
Many people enjoy listening to music, watching sports in the background, or surfing the Internet while they are playing. Furthermore, there is no need to carry large sums of cash around, or for possibly long and tiring commutes to and from a casino.
Online play preserves your anonymity.
Some players would prefer that their friends, family and business associates are not aware that they play poker.

Online poker is less intimidating than a live-action game. The Internet is not only a relatively safe and secure place to learn poker, but also a much less intimidating environment for most people than a live-action cardroom. In particular, many women seem to prefer to learn the game online, where they can avoid the possibility of being subject to the scrutiny of unsympathetic male players, and can focus on the game rather than on having to fend off unwanted male advances. Indeed Ladbrokes has reported that female players now represent 20% of the online poker population.

There is no dress code.You can play in your pyjamas or shorts. Unlike at UK casinos, for example, ‘smart casual dress’ is not a requirement of entry to an online game.

You can play with a coach/friend alongside you.
Although poker is generally required to be ‘one player to a hand’, this is impossible to enforce online. Many people receive their first introduction to poker while they are sitting alongside an online player, receiving instructions and a practical demonstration of how to play.