Poker Hand Histories & Statistics – Part2

Many sites (for example Paradise Poker and PokerStars) currently offer their users a set of statistics on their play. Whilst these are nothing like as comprehensive as those provided by a dedicated online poker tracking program such as Poker Tracker, they can still provide you with some useful information. For example, Paradise Poker provides a pop-up box which logs your statistics for each session and displays the following information in percentages: Continue Reading »

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Rules & Etiquette in Poker – Part1

One of the great problems of playing poker is that there is not as yet a standardised set of rules. There seems to be a slightly different set of rules existing in every casino. There does not even seem to be consistency across the same casino chains and for casinos in the same geographic area. However, because it would take up considerable space, I will not attempt to give a detailed listing of rules. You would be well advised however to check the rules in every casino you attend and not assume that because there is a rule in your normal club that this will apply in another. Disputes at the poker table are another big problem. What I would like to do here is to set out some general rules and suggested rules which might be helpful for players to use as guidelines in the event of a dispute. Continue Reading »

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Poker Tips For Beginners

Find the right game for you, find a game which suits your budget. If you have say a bankroll of £100 then you should try and find a table with an average pot of no more than about £25 and an ante of £0.50-£1.00 so that you can afford to loose a few times until you settle into the table. Obviously if your bankroll is larger or your initial bankroll grows then you can look at higher stake tables. You also need to decide between playing no limit tables or limit tables. I would advise limit tables for beginners as they will give you a better grounding into the game, and then step up to the no-limit tables later on. Continue Reading »

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